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The Perks of Hiring an External BA

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Since the start of my career as a BA, I had always been a permanent staff and as such, I had a line manager and company culture to adhere to. That meant that, for the most part of my career, my hands were always tied and I had no total autonomy over my work decisions as I always answered to someone higher. Now, this was absolutely not a problem as there must be governance and hierarchy in an organisation but getting that go-ahead to fix a problem I had sniffed out with my excellent investigative skills and fairness, was sometimes an arduous task, especially if the manager had personal or political reasons not to want that problem fixed. With the above in mind, the difference between being an in-house BA and an external hire, is the fact that an in-house BA would always need "buy-in" from a member of senior management. This means that this BA is subject to playing politics and may have to make quality trade-offs to secure this "buy-in". The implication of this symbiotic relationship is that the in-house BA tends to be less objective and truthful, in order to maintain a good relationship with the senior management (or say, sponsor),so that they don't lose the "buy-in". In addition to this, there's the problem of company culture- on the off chance that a company's culture enables the subjugation of the smaller man/woman, thereby preventing them from challenging the status quo & senior decisions, the free will, creativity and productivity and performance of the BA suffers.

On the other hand, an external BA comes in with fresh eyes, devoid of company culture or status quo, and armed with professionalism, best-practice and a no-nonsense attitude towards cutting corners. They are being paid to fix a problem within a space of time, and they must do so- with no bias; it is a no-brainer! The external BA is not scared to speak the truth or to challenge decisions. They don't have to kiss-ass or suck up, or colour the real causes of the problem. They ask questions to understand "why" things are done the way they are, (I assure you, the answer is always "that's how we've always done it!"). The best part is that externals have the best skills and expertise, because they constantly have to train and be up-to-date with the latest strategies, knowledge and technologies, to allow them to solve problems. Also, due to the fact that they aren’t tied down by company culture and norms, they are able to be free range, out-of-the-box thinkers.

Summarily, think of an external BA as an external auditor- they come in, audit your accounts without prejudice, and leave you with the truth- then you can decide to implement the solution or not (depending on whether they are hired as architects or analysts- I will write up a new post to explain the differences). Who's better to dig out the actuality, than an external professional that has no ties, prejudices but will be neutral and evidence-driven; no-brainer! If you would like a "no-brainer" solution to your business and technology problems, do reach out for free consultations. #sapphireStevenson #businessAnalysis #fixYourBusiness #hiretheBest #BA #processArchitect


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