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About Us

Sapphire Stevenson provides organisations of all sizes with the best, most trustworthy IT solutions. In the ever-evolving technology market, we believe that companies need reliable allies who can guide them through the challenges that accompany technological growth. 


Sapphire Stevenson is a strategy to provide Business Analysis as a service (BAaaS) to companies that plan on positively impacting their revenue through waste elimination, opportunity identification as well as idea generation. Our approach is to understand a client thoroughly and to ensure that we provide tailor-made business & IT solutions that will meet real needs and create value for your business. 


Our experience in the industry shows that "fresh eyes" are better judges of a business situation. Having an external BA on a change project reduces the chances of bias, and half-truths, as it enables a thorough investigation done based on actual business needs, rather than perceived needs.


At Sapphire Stevenson, the services we provide include requirements elicitation, analysis and documentation, stakeholder management, business environment analysis, software development and legacy systems analysis, process engineering and improvement, user experience, customer experience and product value creation for software development.


Our goal is to become a trusted & renowned name for business & IT solutions, with thriving business as proof of our accomplishments.


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Nnenna I. Stevenson MBCS

Business Analyst | Product Manager | Process Architect


Hi I’m Nnenna, I am a BCS and IIBA Certified BA Professional (CBAP) with knowledge, skills and experience in the various fields of Business Analysis. I have a Bachelor’s in Computing, Mathematics and Statistics as well as a Master's in Information Systems, which gives me a mix of business and IT perspectives during my investigations. In addition to this, I am a TOGAF certified Enterprise Architect and Scrum Product Owner. 


My mastered knowledge of Information Systems equips me with the expertise to create systems that accurately capture, process and disseminate useful information to the right receivers. In addition, my knowledge of Product Management means that I constantly incorporate customer views in my work, for value-creation.


What makes me a great BA are my excellent communication skills, my ability to think outside the box and my dependence on customer perspective and feedback. I have the ability to tease out tacit knowledge, and turn that into explicit and shareable information that is easily accessible and digestible by users or stakeholders. 


I’m highly adaptable, relatable and efficient in my work with an allure of great achievements in my portfolio. I have worked in a great many sectors that include Government agencies, Pharmaceutical industries, Supply Chain, Public health organisations, Insurance/Telematics/Fleet Mobility as well as Non-Profit International companies.

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